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Iris Rodriguez Photography

Photographer Iris Rodriguez will present a Photo Exhibit as a fundraiser for the ICM’s in Cuba and La Casa de Todos at Resurrection MCC. Net proceeds once expenses have been accounted for will be split 50/50 between ICM Cuba and RMCC’s Spanish speaking efforts. These photos will be available for purchase on both the web and at the exhibit. The photos are from Iris’ previous trips to Cuba.

The Artist Writes: “I believe the overarching spiritual component for our congregation is to grow in its cultural awareness of our Cuban siblings in our backyard. A place once forbidden to Americans, recently I have had the opportunity to casually walk through the streets with my LGBTQ siblings as I inhaled the breath and the beauty that exist in Cuba. It truly has been spiritually transforming.

On nearly every block in cities such as Havana, and Matanzas, once stood pristine gorgeous buildings. Today slowly crumbling buildings with stained walls, rusted window bars and boarded-up holes sit next to piles of dust and rubble. Yet, somehow, there’s beauty in the decay. The detailed, century-old craftsmanship is hidden by the facade painted in bright colors.

Clothes, hanging from wires, drying in the breeze. Cuba is a country in a time capsule with carefully preserved 1950’s American cars that line the streets next to horse drawn carriages and bicycles. For a visual artist, it can be overwhelming, emotionally confusing and intense. Behind the facade of brightly colored painted buildings there is both poverty and happiness apparent on the faces of people sitting in doorsteps, walking in the streets or sitting at a cafe drinking un cafesito, actively engaged in conversation without any electronic devices evident. They simply enjoy each other’s company as they watch the world go by at a leisurely pace.

I am offering a photography exhibit of pictures I’ve taken while traveling in Cuba. I hope to give our people a sense of who our Cuban siblings are and show them the breath and the beauty that already exists there. I believe these photos will encourage our members and friends to consider supporting the global efforts of MCC, especially in Cuba. I will share how with our support, the support of other MCC’s from around the world and the broader community, will help transform the lives of the LGBTQ community in Cuba through our own spiritual transformation and awakening of our own cultural awareness. It is all about our human interconnectivity.”